Redwood Garden Room, Guildford, Surrey

This garden room has been designed so that the length of the building extends back to allow a garden room space at the front and a storeroom at the back for access from the drive.

Please note that we price each project individually based on the completion of a full site survey, access report, delivery distance and final detailed building specification.

We pride ourselves on creating a bespoke design that is right for you, therefore we can customise all of our designs to meet your specification, size requirements and most importantly your budget.

  • Building footprint of 3.8m x 6m
  • Garden room space 3.8m x 4m, storeroom space of 3.8m x 2m
  • Installation onto existing concrete base
  • 100mm treated timber framework for the base
  • Solid Engineered timber frame, full timber OSB board wrap, and high-quality breathable membrane
  • 150mm timbers for the roof structure
  • EPDM rubber roof covering
  • 50mm Actis Hybris multifoil insulation throughout
  • Pressure treated redwood cladding
  • Anthracite grey French doors with sidelights and multipoint locking system
  • Pressure treated redwood hidden storeroom door with euro locking system
  • Plasterboard and skim finish for the garden room
  • Low energy lighting throughout
  • Full electrical package
  • Redwood skirts and architraves
  • Price for this building £14,500 +VAT

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